TWO LEFT EARS is a french duo, formed by producer Extra Pekoe (Mathieu Adamski) and bassist Mathieu Deprez. Inspired by the new rhythmic formulas of the Beat Scene since 2006, sharing the taste of simple and uncompromising grooves, they joined forces for an electronic experimental new hiphop music which raised into a more diverse electronic music‚ in line with wide influences (classical, minimal, improvised and experimental music). They share the same taste of warmy, hot, muddy sounds, the low-belly backlashes without forgetting suspension, elevation, and a kind of bitterness.

To sum up, this is an in-between cavalry of European melodies – its classic sass its folklores – shaken by Africans and afro-americans Music and its magic of movement.

Released in 2010 on french label Laybell and distributed by Tower records (Japan), their first album « Lazy Trace » introduced the basis of a glitchy electro-hiphop, supported by double bass and sharp rhythms, infused with bass music and lyrical explosions.

They also released a special issue in 2012 on vinyl : « divAAAtion ». A tribute to some classical, experimental and minimal music of the 20th century (Henryk Gorecki, Arvo Part, Meredith Monk, William Basinski). Organic and ethereal, this 9 tracks album received a great welcome from the independent music scene. From that point, they toured in Europe and the US with their machines and basses and shared stages with Cut Chemist, Gold Panda, Gonjasufi, Luke Vibert, Chapelier Fou, Kelpe, and improvised with Mike Ladd.

In 2016, they trace a new path. Cut in the rock, it sounds noisier and granular. Their next E.P, « Mélodies Bourgeon / Fourrure Musique (& Tuning Tambours) » will be released in the end of the year and will be featuring MCs such as Mike Ladd and some other guests…

Before that, a single track & a video clip will be released on september the 27th, « Meredith Cogiiite » (remix of « Meredith Palpite ») in collaboration with Fred Mey, choreographer & dancer.

Upcoming release on Sept. 27th :